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PRADO 150 (2009-2014)  KDJ 3.0L Diesel 

lockup-mate PLUS+ is a torque converter clutch (TCC) lockup kit designed specifically for the Toyota automatic transmissions. 

Better drivability, save fuel, and keep the transmission cool.

Fully automatic; just turn it on and drive! Locks up in SPORT and DRIVE modes from 2nd gear. No speed switches, plus adapts to low range (4L) operation automatically. 

Separate lockup algorithms for DRIVE, SPORT and 4L modes, and fully adjustable for your own vehicle configuration or driving preference.

lockup-mate PLUS+ fully supports the flex lockup mode of the transmission for maximum fuel savings.  Using advanced microcomputer control and digital CANBus communications with the vehicle's computers, it works in harmony with the factory computers for maximum smoothness. It's so good, no ECU code deletes are required.

But lockup-mate PLUS+ is not only for people who tow.  The drivability and feel of the car is enhanced with more direct power and responsiveness. 

Without doubt, lockup-mate PLUS+ is the most advanced and easy to use lockup-kit available for your Toyota.  You'll love it!

MM4X4 lockup kits are the most advanced available.  So advanced, it's simple to use.  Why settle for less?

Why install a Torque Converter Lockup kit?


The benefits of locking the torque converter clutch (TCC) in the transmission are widely known, especially when experiencing heavy load conditions such as towing (caravan, boat or horse float), climbing long steep-hills, or when driving in soft sand.

A torque converter is a fluid coupling between the engine and gearbox.  When the torque converter is unlocked, the fluid allows slippage and results in excessive heat buildup and uses more fuel.  Modern transmissions come with a lockup clutch to stop slippage and save fuel.  

lockup-mate PLUS+ electronically changes when the lockup clutch is activated. No mechanical changes are required to the transmission, and no reprogramming of the transmission computer is needed.

With a lockup-mate PLUS+ you get:

  • Significantly reduced transmission temperatures, especially when towing, to protect the transmission from over-heating

  • Improved fuel efficiency

  • Better downhill engine braking

  • Enhanced drivability and responsiveness as it removes the 'slush-box' feel of the automatic transmission.  When locked, the engine power goes directly to the road.

When enabled by the driver using the LED/switch, lockup-mate PLUS+ AUTOMATICALLY:

  • Activates the lock-up clutch when the conditions are right; and disables it under conditions that would put excessive stress on the transmission or when extra torque is necessary to accelerate at low RPM.

  • Automatically adjusts for low or high range 4WD, and DRIVE or SPORT modes of the transmission.

For optimum results, all the driver is required to do is ensure the current transmission gear is suitable for lockup to occur, which can be achieved using SPORT mode of the transmission.

The rest is automatic!

Advanced Digital Control

lockup-mate PLUS+ uses a micro-computer to listen to your car's internal digital CANBus via the OBD2 port to read important vehicle parameters including the accelerator pedal position, speed, RPM, current gear, 4WD mode, Sport or Drive mode, factory TCC lockup status, Sport gear, transmission temperature, and headlight status. 

The micro-computer at the heart of lockup-mate PLUS+ uses this information to ensure the torque converter is locked whenever possible whilst maintaining great drivability and maximising lockup benefits.

Separate lockup algorithms for DRIVE (4H), SPORT (4H) and low range (4L) modes:


Ensures the gear changes have stabilised before activating the lockup clutch.  Under light acceleration, the factory gear shift pattern will change gears too early to maintain lockup after the gear changes.  Waiting for the gears to stabilise prevents unnecessary lock/unlock operations. 


More aggressive lockup algorithm to give the driver more control over lockup.  Lockup can occur once the actual gear equals the chosen SPORT gear (eg. S3).  However, if accelerating with the pedal at >40% it will lockup as soon as 2nd gear, since the factory gear shift profile is now high enough to allow lockup in-between gear changes.

4L (low range 4WD)

Uses the engine RPM as the key parameter to determine when to lock and unlock.  The RPM ranges are adjustable to suit various driving conditions.  

The PWM signal to the lockup solenoid is controlled by the micro-computer and mimics the factory computer for smooth activation and reliability.

The Excessive Slip Warning feature will flash the LED after 10 seconds of excessive torque converter slip (when unlocked) and as a reminder to change to a lower gear to maintain lockup conditions.  This feature can be switched OFF, be ON only in SPORT mode, or be ON in both DRIVE and SPORT modes.

lockup-mate PLUS+ will only activate once the transmission has reached the warmup temperature (default is 40 degC).  While waiting for warmup the LED will gently pulse so the driver knows it's not active.  The warmup temperature can be adjusted between 30 to 90 degrees.  This flexibility allows lockup-mate PLUS+ to be configured if the user only wants to protect the transmission from high temperatures (eg >90 degC), and keep the normal factory operation otherwise.  The warmup LED pulse can be switch off when in this mode of operation. 

No-one likes a bright LED in their face during the night, so lockup-mate PLUS+ monitors the headlight status so when they are switched on the LED automatically dims.  This can be over-ridden when driving in daylight with your headlights on by simply holding the LED/switch down for 4 seconds to toggle this mode. 

lockup-mate PLUS+ works in harmony with the factory Transmission Computer (TCU) to use the standard flex-lockup and full lockup modes, and lockup-mate PLUS+ will also take over full lockup control when required. 

With its advanced micro-computer controlled intelligence and constant communication with the factory TCU, lockup-mate PLUS+ exchanges control of the torque converter clutch (TCC)  back and forth with the factory TCU.  Essentially, lockup-mate PLUS+ and the TCU are collaboratively working together to control the TCC.

For example, when the TCU wants to fully lock, lockup-mate PLUS+ will hand over control to the TCU so that it drives the TCC solenoid to avoid the load resistor becoming hot.  If the TCU then wants to unlock due to a slight hill climb, lockup-mate PLUS+ will step in and over-ride it to keep the TCC locked.

lockup-mate PLUS+ will light the LED when the transmission is operating in flex-lockup mode and full-lockup mode so the driver knows when the lockup clutch is activated.  Flex lockup mode is usually active when the RPM is around 1000-1300 RPM and the accelerator pedal is <20%.

​The micro-computer controls the PWM signal to the lockup clutch solenoid to mimic the factory TCU to ensure smooth and reliable operation. It even ensures a smooth transition from factory flex-lockup mode to the when lockup-mate PLUS+ initiates full-lockup mode.

lockup-mate PLUS+ knows when the headlights are switched on and dims the LED to avoid glare. This can of course be over-ridden when driving in the day-time with the lights on.

Works in harmony with the transmission computer

User Configuration and Diagnostics

lockup-mate PLUS+ can be configured to suit your vehicle configuration or driving preferences.  

A Quick Reference Card is provided to slip into your sun visor for easy reference when setting the parameters.  

All configuration is conducted using the LED/switch and the gear lever, with the settings displayed in the instrument cluster.  There are no settings on the lockup-mate PLUS+ control unit and it does not need to be opened to be adjusted.


To enter configuration mode you switch the ignition on without starting the engine.  Move the shift lever to SPORT position, and press the LED/switch.  The Instrument cluster now displays the parameter and current value, which is then adjusted by moving the gear lever + or -.   Press the LED/Switch to select the next parameter to set.

The following parameters can be set by the user: 

  • Lockup sensitivity (4H) 

  • Lockup RPM range (4L)

  • Warmup temperature

  • Minimum lockup gear

  • Slip warning LED

  • Pulse LED during warmup

More details are available in the Operation Manual.


Following installation the user can initiate the self-diagnostics mode which will run through a series of checks that include measuring the current through the lockup solenoid. If ever a fault in the lockup-mate PLUS+ control unit is suspected, simply removing the power by disconnecting the OBD2 connection will cause the internal relays to revert the car back to factory configuration.

So why is the MM4X4 lockup-mate PLUS+ better than the other lockup kits available?

Fully Automatic and easy to use

Automatically locks up from 2nd gear (approx. 20kph) upwards. Just turn it on and drive!  The driver only needs to ensure the right gear/RPM for lockup to occur.  This allows the lockup-kit to be used in the widest range of driving conditions, including winding hills.

Works in DRIVE and SPORT mode, high (4H) and low range (4L) - all automatically, with different (and adjustable) lockup algorithms for DRIVE, SPORT and 4L modes. 

Advanced Digital Control

Other kits rely on cutting wires to determine only the vehicle speed with the driver using a either a switch to select the speed range when the lockup kit engages or manual mode.  This simple approach can cause transmission error codes and a Check Engine Light (CEL), and it won't unlock the torque converter when more torque is needed for acceleration at lower RPM.  lockup-mate PLUS+ doesn't have the limitation of speed ranges.

lockup-mate PLUS+ instead listens to your car's CANBus via the OBD2 port to read more vehicle parameters and uses an optimised algorithm to ensure the torque converter is locked whenever possible.

So advanced, a manual lockup switch is not needed.

User Configurable

The user can adjust the unit's settings without even touching the control unit.  With the ignition on and the engine off, all adjustments are via the LED/Switch and the gear shift lever; with the configuration setting values displayed in the instrument cluster.  

Supports Flex Lockup Mode

Fully supports flex-lockup mode of the Toyota transmission for extra fuel savings under light acceleration and avoidance of error codes.  It works in harmony with the transmission computer rather than the simple brute force approach of speed ranges or manual mode.

Simpler Installation

Comprehensive DIY installation manual with photos.  Installation is simpler with minimal removal of trim. The adjustable LED/Switch simply mounts to the A-Pillar for better visibility and doesn't take up a factory switch location. CANBus communication with the vehicles computers is obtained from the vehicles OBD2 connector.  An OBD2 Y-splitter cable is supplied so your favourite OBD2 device (eg Ultra-gauge) can still be used. Two wires of the transmission computer harness are cut and joined to for control of the lockup clutch.

Night Mode

lockup-mate PLUS+ automatically dims the LED when the headlights are on (and an override for daytime headlight use) 

Supports lockup in 1st gear with a modified transmission valve body.

MM4X4 lockup kits are the most advanced available. Why settle for less?

30 day Satisfaction Guarantee and 12 Month Warranty

Return the unit within 30 days for a full refund if you're not entirely satisfied.

Fully supported and Australian Made, with firmware upgrades as new features or improvements are made available. 

No other lockup kit available works like lockup-mate PLUS+

Take the worry away from using a lockup kit and keep the protection normally provided by the transmission ECU, but with a better lockup algorithm!

Best of all, lockup-mate PLUS+ is affordable and will soon pay for itself in fuel savings.

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