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The SCORPRO Paddle Shift Kit contains everything you need to add transmission shift paddles to your Gen 4 Pajero.  It includes;

  • genuine Mitsubishi paddles modified for the Pajero

  • quality parts

  • DIY detailed installation instructions 

  • plug’n play installation using genuine Mitsubishi connectors


What are the benefits of installing transmission shift paddles?

  • Make gear shifts easily with the flick of a finger, which significantly improves on and off-road drivability; both eyes on the road/track ahead and both hands on the steering wheel.

  • Paddles are firmly mounted to the steering wheel column.  This is perfect for four-wheel drivers as it prevents paddle location disorientation.

  • Overcomes sluggish transmission change.

  • YOU take control, selecting the correct gear for the situation, whether you are towing or tackling the rough stuff.​

You’ll LOVE ’EM!!  But don't take our word for it - read the testimonials.

Note: Paddles are active only when in Sport mode​.

But you want to be able to use your paddles whilst in Drive mode, right? Add paddle-mate.

$ 195


(PLEASE NOTE: paddle-mate is not compatible with lockup-mate and is not required if have auto-mate.  (auto-mate has features that support the paddles whereas lockup-mate doesn't).

The MM4X4 paddle-mate is an enhancement kit which which provides all the electronics to enable paddle shifts in Drive mode too; flick the paddles anytime and the micro-computer takes over, your hands will NEVER need to leave the steering wheel.  


The paddle-mate kit includes;

  • a detailed installation booklet for DIY, plug’n play installation; and

  • a detailed operation guide.

What are the benefits and added features of installing a paddle-mate?​

  • Flick + or - paddle when in Drive to instantly change into Sport mode​

  • The ability to momentarily hold the + paddle to return to Drive mode from Sport mode

  • The AUTO_D feature; automatically return from Sport to Drive after a configurable delay (10, 20, 30 … 60 seconds), or OFF

  • Make the paddles operate like OEM ones do

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