SCORPRO Paddle Shift Kit with MM4X4 paddle-mate

"Just finished installing Paddles & Paddle-mate kits to my vehicle this evening. I took it for a test drive to make sure all was working correrectly, then got home an hour & a bit later after driving around the local suburbs, up the highway then back down some windy roads because I was enjoying myself so much...
These kits transform an auto Gen 4 to a completely different driving experience! Any shortcomings of the auto ECU can be quickly be overcome with the touch (or two) of a finger. Being able to grab a gear up or down on the fly without moving your hand off the wheel makes such an enormous difference to operating the vehicle. Can't wait to get off road with these to check out the controllability in various situations. 
A very very big thank you for putting in the time to research & develop these kits. If you are considering improving your vehicle, don't hesitate - just do it! They are that good.." STEPHEN

"Well I have a set fitted to my NW, and I can say, that it is the best "driver feel mod" I have done to the Paj. I was a bit dubious at first, "why I already have sports mode, why do I need the paddles..?", but went ahead with it, well, because I could...
Around town I rarely used sports mode, but now find myself always using the paddles, so I decide what gear I am in (still a manual guy at heart), and the trans ecu is even nice enough to downshift to 1st and 3rd for me if I am feeling too lazy...
Offroad I always used sports mode anyway (as I said, still a manual die hard), but after 10 days in the High Country, having the paddles made things so much nicer/easier.
Combine the paddles with a lock up kit, and I am as cose to driving a manual as I can get" ROB

You would hardly know the paddles are there until you want them. They're perfect. PAT

I drive my car in sports mode all the time as I live on the flats in Adelaide and visit my parents in the hills frequently. I don't like the Paj's 'smart' gearbox 'learning' how I drive, because it changes so often, which means that it holds on to gears when I don't want it to and won't hold on when I do...
The paddles are awesome, I painted mine matt black (they come silver) so they fit in nicely with the column and surrounds.
I would have loved these when I was sand driving a few weeks back and found myself full-lock paddling down the South East of SA for swift, effortless and controlled gear shifting. 
Note - being fixed to the column and not the steering wheel, if you were in a situation where you found yourself full-lock paddling for 3-4 minutes and needing to change gears, the paddles are stationery so you won't lose track of which is which. PAJERO12

Seriously, if you use the +/- at all, do yourself a favour and consider the paddle kit.
Personally, I like to drive in manual mode but didn't to it all that often.
Now with the paddle kit installed, using the manual mode is almost natural, instinctive. 
Include paddle-mate add-on so the paddles works when in 'D' mode makes them even more usable.
So the times when I am in D because I'm too tired/not in the mood for paddles but I want to change down to 3rd or 2nd for a short downhill or corner/roundabout, a quick flick to negotiate the piece of road and then the trans goes back to D mode. JOHN

"The kit is awesome!!  Back from 12hrs wheeling yesterday and the paddles were in use all day....so much easier than always hanging onto the shifter and i was able to control my engine braking and climbs a lot smoother than before Makes an already easy thing to do so much easier and way more comfortable And got to install and test paddle mate kit today as i pleaded for an early release order and couldnt be happier...its now as if the paj came with them from factory and no one could tell unless you knew as they work exactly the same. Both kits were so professionaly put together and i would have no problem recommending both kits to any Pajero owner.Big thanks to the fine gentlemen who IMHO have gone above and beyond to create something so unique for us Pajero owners and make our lives that touch better and let us live out our F1 driver fantasies on our daily commutes." LANDO