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It's like a lockup kit and adjustable transmission remap all in one unit!


$ 795






  • TRITON MQ 2016-2018 AUTO DIESEL 

* Triton MN 4 speed owners only: If you have an OBD2 device, please read this important Information regarding OBD2 compatibility:

NEW FEATURE: SafeLock® for maximum protection and reliability of the torque converter clutch.

​auto-mate provides a whole new DRIVE mode that:

  • reduces transmission oil temperatures (typically max. 70-80 degC even when towing)

  • improves fuel efficiency (10%-25% when towing or in vehicles with larger tyres)

  • improves acceleration responsiveness, and transforms the feel of your car

  • is simple to use for any driver's ability​, and

  • eliminates LIMP mode problems when towing with a Challenger PB, PC and Triton MN.  The LIMP mode is a self-protection mechanism.  The transmission computer reduces engine power and limits it to 3rd  gear if it detects torque converter slippage for an extended period of time at high accelerator inputs. If the slip continues the transmission is locked in 2nd and engine power is cut! This LIMP mode occurs when the transmission oil temperature is ~120 deg C, but the warning light does not come on until 125 deg C.  There is no warning for the driver of the impending self protect mode.

See auto-mate in action and learn more by watching our YouTube videos below.  You can see our entire playlist here

Mitsubishi Pajero NT+ 

Challenger PB & PC & Triton MN

Triton MQ

auto-mate has all the features of lockup-mate®, and more. It further enhances it by automatically changing gears to optimise conditions that enable the torque converter clutch to stay locked up. It's like a lockup kit and transmission remap all in one unit. auto-mate essentially adds a tow mode to the transmission.

The benefits of locking your torque converter are well known when experiencing heavy load conditions such as towing (caravan, boat or horse float), climbing long steep hills, or when driving in deep sand.


Transmission torque converter slippage not only results in excessive heat build up, but also uses more fuel, and can cause some vehicles (eg, Challenger/Triton MN) to enter LIMP mode during long hill climbs or extended periods of towing into a head wind.

auto-mate has four modes of operation:​

  1. DRIVE - With the transmission lever in D position, auto-mate locks the torque converter clutch (TCC) and changes gears to keep it locked.  A new 'tow mode' for the transmission.

  2. SPORT - With the transmission lever in Sport position, auto-mate behaves just like lockup-mate, and will lockup the TCC when the conditions allow.  The driver is in control of the gear choice

  3. Low Range 4WD (4LLc).  Modified lockup algorithm in SPORT mode which is better suited for 4WD use.  Low Range DRIVE returns to factory control. 

  4. OFF - Normal control of the transmission by the vehicle is returned.


When in SPORT mode, it will also automatically protect your drivetrain if the gear choice is too high by:

  • disabling lock-up under conditions that would put excessive stress on the transmission and drivetrain​, and

  • re-lock it again when suitable.

auto-mate will connect to your car's ODB2 port to read important vehicle parameters (such as speed, RPM, current gear, and engine load), and uses genuine Mitsubishi connectors for transmission gear control.


Some additional features of auto-mate are:

  • Adjustable shift pattern, for a SPORT'ier response, or for economy.  Tune it for your vehicle (eg, due to larger tyre size, ECU remap), or driving style. 

  • SafeLock® which avoids locking the torque converter clutch under high slip conditions for maximum clutch reliability.  Exclusive to MM 4X4 products.

  • 5th gear lockout. Makes 4th gear the top gear to avoid repeated 4th-5th gear changes that can occur in hilly terrain.  (or 4th lockout for the Triton 4 speed gearbox)

  • Displays the current gear on the instrument cluster, even when in DRIVE mode

  • Slip Alert, which reminds the driver to down-select a gear with a flashing LED when the torque converter unlocks in SPORT mode

  • User-selectable starting temperature (between 20-100 degC).  Default is 40 degC (for Pajero, Triton MQ only)

  • Does not modify the factory transmission ECU program

With user-selectable starting temperature, you can set it to commence operation at the normal startup temperature of 40 degC, lower it, or increase it to only operate when the transmission oil is becoming hot, eg, 80 degC (for Pajero, Triton MQ only).

This is THE essential accessory for anyone who tows a heavy load (caravans, boats, horses, work trailers, motor-sport) or is an off-road 4x4 adventurer.  

However it's not limited just to those who tow.  Great results are achieved while just city driving and cruising.

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