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Advanced Digital Control

lockup-mate®PLUS+ uses a micro-computer to listen to your vehicle's internal digital CANBus via the OBD2 port to read important vehicle parameters.


Parameters include the accelerator pedal position, speed, RPM, current gear, 4WD mode, Sport or Drive mode, factory TCC lockup status, Sport gear, transmission temperature, slip, and even headlight status. 

The micro-computer at the heart of lockup-mate®PLUS+ uses all this information to ensure the torque converter is locked whenever possible whilst maintaining great drivability and maximising lockup benefits.

Separate lockup algorithms for DRIVE (4H), SPORT (4H) and Low Range (4L) modes:

DRIVE - Lockup only occurs when above ~70kph, which is the slowest speed for lockup in 5th gear.  70kph is a guide, not a rule, as the in-built protections will still apply.  The transmission ECU will select 5th at speeds as low as 50kph, which is too slow to maintain lockup, so the 70kph limit is to avoid unnecessary locking and then unlocking of the torque converter.  To lockup when below 70kph, use SPORT mode and select an appropriate gear for the conditions (eg, S4 for 60 kph).

SPORT - More aggressive lockup algorithm to give the driver more control over lockup.  Lockup will occur in 2nd gear and above once the conditions are suitable.

4L (Low Range 4WD) - Uses the engine RPM as the key parameter to determine when to lock and unlock. The RPM ranges are adjustable to suit various driving conditions.  

The PWM signal to the lockup solenoid is controlled by the micro-computer and mimics the factory computer for smooth activation and reliability.

The Slip Alert feature will flash the LED after 20 seconds of excessive torque converter slip (when unlocked) and as an alert to change to a lower gear to regain lockup.  This alert feature is user configurable, and can be switched OFF, be ON only in SPORT mode (default), or be ON in both DRIVE and SPORT modes.

MM4X4 lockup kit integration

lockup-mate®PLUS+ will only activate once the transmission has reached the warmup temperature (default is 30 degC).  While waiting for warmup, the LED will gently pulse so the driver knows it's not active.  The warmup temperature can be adjusted between 20-90 degrees.  This feature also allows lockup-mate®PLUS+ to be configured if the user only wants to protect the transmission from high temperatures (eg >90 degC), and keep the normal factory operation otherwise.  The warmup LED pulse can be switched off when used in this way. 

No-one likes a bright LED in their face during the night, so lockup-mate®PLUS+ monitors the headlight status so when they are switched on the LED automatically dims.  This can be over-ridden when driving in daylight with your headlights on by simply holding the LED/switch down for 5 seconds to toggle this mode. 

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