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Works in harmony with the transmission ECU

lockup-mate®PLUS+ works in harmony with the factory transmission Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to use the standard flex-lockup and full-lockup modes.  It will also take over full-lockup control when required. 

With its advanced micro-computer controlled intelligence and constant communication with the ECU, lockup-mate®PLUS+ exchanges control of the TCC back and forth with the transmission ECU.  Essentially, lockup-mate®PLUS+ and the ECU are collaboratively working together to control the TCC.

For example, when the ECU wants to fully lock, lockup-mate®PLUS+ will hand over control to the ECU so that it drives the TCC solenoid.  This avoids the load resistor becoming hot.  If the ECU then wants to unlock due to a slight hill climb, lockup-mate®PLUS+ will step in and over-ride it to keep the TCC locked.

lockup-mate®PLUS+ will light the LED so the driver knows when the lockup clutch is activated. The LED is located on the A-pillar so it can be easily seen whilst driving. 

​The lockup-mate®PLUS+ micro-computer controls the PWM signal to the lockup clutch solenoid to mimic the ECU to ensure smooth and reliable operation. It even ensures a smooth transition from the ECU's flex-lockup mode to the when lockup-mate®PLUS+ initiates full-lockup mode.

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