Why choose lockup-mate PLUS+?

Maximises the benefits achievable using a lockup kit  

Maximum fuel savings, minimum transmission temperatures, and better drivability.

Fully automatic and easy to use

Automatically locks up from 2nd gear (approx. 20kph) upwards. Just turn it on and drive!  The driver only needs to ensure the right gear/RPM for lockup to occur.  This allows the lockup-kit to be easily used in the widest range of driving conditions including winding hills.

Works in DRIVE and SPORT mode, high (4H) and low range (4L) - all automatically, with different (and adjustable) lockup algorithms for DRIVE, SPORT and 4L modes. 

Advanced Digital Control

Instead of cutting ECU wires to determine just vehicle speed, lockup-mate PLUS+ instead listens to your car's status via the CANBus, and processes this information in the micro-computer using an optimised algorithm to ensure the torque converter is locked whenever possible.

This also avoid transmission error codes and a Check Engine Light (CEL).

So advanced, a manual lockup switch is not needed.

SafeLock®   - Clutch Protection Technology

Ensures the torque converter clutch is only activated when within the same slip limits as the factory ECU to prevent excessive wear.

Adjustable LED/Switch

Mounts to the A-Pillar for simpler installation, easy access, and better visibility, and doesn't occupy a factory blank switch location so this makes installation much simpler. The angle of the switch is also adjustable for best visibility at your driving position.

User Configurable

The user can adjust the unit's settings without needing to access the control unit or phone app.  Using digital communication with the vehicle's ECUs, all adjustments are via the LED/Switch and the gear shift lever. The configuration setting values are displayed in the instrument cluster.  

Supports Flex Lockup Mode

Fully supports flex-lockup mode of the Toyota transmission for extra fuel savings under light acceleration and avoidance of error codes.  It works in harmony with the transmission computer rather than the simple "brute force" approach of speed ranges or manual button mode.

Simpler Installation

Comprehensive DIY installation manual with photos.  Minimal removal of trim with installation in 1-2 hours, which saves you time, and money.

Night Mode

lockup-mate PLUS+ automatically dims the LED when the headlights are on (with an override for daytime headlight use) 

MM4X4 lockup kits are the most advanced available. Why settle for less?

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee and 12 Month Warranty

Return the unit within 30 days for a full refund if you're not entirely satisfied.

Fully supported and Australian Made, with firmware upgrades available as new features or improvements are made available. 


Australian Made
(Designed, Manufactured, & Supported In Australia)