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User Configuration & Diagnostics

lockup-mate®PLUS+ can be configured to suit your vehicle configuration or driving preferences.  


All configuration changes are conducted using the LED/switch and the gear lever, with the settings displayed in the instrument cluster.  There are no settings on the lockup-mate®PLUS+ control unit and it does not need to be opened to be adjusted.

A Quick Reference Card is provided to slip into your sun visor for easy reference when setting the parameters.  

To enter configuration mode you switch the ignition on without starting the engine.  Move the shift lever to SPORT position, and press the LED/switch.  The instrument cluster now displays the parameter and current value, which is then adjusted by moving the gear lever + or -. Press the LED/Switch to select the next parameter until finished.

The following parameters can be set by the user: 

  • Lockup sensitivity (4H) 

  • Lockup RPM range (4L)

  • Warmup temperature

  • Minimum lockup gear

  • Slip warning LED

  • Pulse LED during warmup

More details are available in the Operation Manual.

After installation, the user can initiate the self-diagnostics mode which will run through a series of checks that include measuring the current through the lockup solenoid. If ever a fault in the lockup-mate®PLUS+ control unit is suspected, simply removing the power by disconnecting the OBD2 connector will cause the internal relays to revert the car's wiring back to factory configuration.

See the videos below relating to configuring lockup-mate®PLUS+ and the self diagnostics:

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