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"G'day, I'm Marshall. I created the MM4X4 business back in 2017 and have been developing products for MM4X4 ever since. We now have thousands of very happy customers around Australia and the Globe.

I often get asked what my background is, and it always surprises people. I'm a qualified Engineer with Degrees in Electronics and Computing and 30 years of professional engineering experience. I started in Defence R&D for 10 years, followed by 20 years as an engineering manager, in $500M-$1000M+ high-tech Defence projects; with the last 15  years as an Engineering Executive, managing multi-disciplinary teams up to 130 engineers and technicians. My areas of experience are airborne radar, mission simulators, military vehicles and OTHR radar, and now, fully automated, digital lockup kits for 4WD automatic transmissions. 

After a few years perfecting the kit for the Mitsubishi Pajero NT+ (our own vehicle), I decided to concentrate on the MM4X4 business full-time due to the the product's popularity, and the business has grown substantially and organically.  

So how'd I get into the lockup kit business?  In 2011 I designed a basic press button lockup kit for my Mitsubishi Pajero NP ....and hated it.


When we upgraded to the NX,  I was never going back to a manual button, but there was nothing else available to purchase. After experiencing overheating problems with our transmission after just 50,000km, I needed to solve it; hence the next generation in lockup kits was born! lockup-mate® and auto-mate. Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say.  But this time, I wanted a kit to be fully automated and easy to use!

Hence, the initial Mitsubishi background.


More recently we became the proud owners of an LC200. But the transmission is pretty ordinary, so I’ve designed lockup-mate®PLUS+ to make a huge improvement to driveability, and not just when towing. Because of the digital comms with vehicle ECUs, lockup-mate®PLUS+ is advanced and can properly integrate with the vehicle; to avoid harsh gear changes and engine error lights, and it unlocks when needed to protect the transmission and provide better responsiveness. It’s very user friendly. You can just turn it on and leave it.


All of our products are based on the same technology which has proven itself over time. We now support 13 different vehicle versions....and growing.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.  Our kits will do exactly what we promise. 


We’ve captured some of what people have been saying obout our kits on the website, or you can read them via the button below."

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