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Why Install a Torque Converter Lockup Kit?

The benefits of locking the TCC in the transmission are widely known, especially when experiencing heavy load conditions such as towing (caravan, boat or horse float), climbing long steep-hills, or when driving in soft sand.

A torque converter is a fluid coupling between the engine and gearbox.  When the torque converter is unlocked, the fluid allows slippage, results in excessive heat buildup, and uses more fuel.  Heat is the number 1 cause of automatic transmissions problems. 


Modern transmissions include a lockup clutch to stop slippage and save fuel.  

lockup-mate®PLUS+ electronically changes when the lockup clutch is activated. No mechanical changes are required to the transmission, and no reprogramming of the transmission ECU is needed.

With a lockup-mate®PLUS+ you get:

  • Significantly reduced transmission temperatures, especially when towing, to protect the transmission oil from over-heating

  • Improved fuel efficiency (10-20% according to conditions)

  • Better downhill engine braking

  • Enhanced drivability and responsiveness as it removes the 'slush-box' feel of the automatic transmission.  When locked the engine power goes directly to the road.

When enabled by the driver using the LED/switch, lockup-mate®PLUS+ AUTOMATICALLY:

  • Activates the lockup clutch when the conditions are right; and disables it under conditions that would put excessive stress on the transmission or when extra torque is necessary to accelerate at low RPM.

  • Automatically adjusts for low or high range 4WD, and DRIVE or SPORT modes of the transmission; and is adjustable.

For optimum results, all the driver is required to do is ensure the current transmission gear and RPM are suitable for lockup to occur, which can be achieved using SPORT mode of the transmission if required.

The rest is automatic!

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