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Exclusively FOR MITSUBISHI TRITON MR (2019-2023) 


Transform your driving experience by unleashing the performance benefits of SPORT mode!​​

auto-mateSPORT adds 3 new DRIVE modes . . .​​

Setup very similar to the factory DRIVE mode except when between 40 – 70 kph.  At these speeds the standard DRIVE mode will tend to hold 5th gear and slip the torque converter to avoid changing gears.  In this mode auto-mateSPORT will instead downshift to 3rd and 4th gears much earlier; to lockup the torque converter for better economy and for responsiveness.

Optimises the shift profile for towing to, (1) keep the engine RPM in the right power/torque range, and (2) keep the transmission cooler by ensuring the torque converter is locked.  

Under heavier acceleration it increases the gear shift profile to keep the engine RPM in the peak power/torque zone and maximises the use of the lockup clutch to provide responsiveness. It delays gear upshifts to ensure when the upshift occurs, the engine remains in the power zone.  But, under light loads will still use the higher gears so it wont feel like it's overrevving.  It truely transforms your Triton for a sportier driving experience.  

auto-mateSPORT is designed to extract the best performance from the existing transmission behaviour to give the driver more operational flexibility.  Hence, better responsiveness and lower transmission temperatures. 

The 6 Speed Transmission

Mitsubishi introduced a new 6 speed transmission into the Triton MR range which is absolutely excellent when driven in SPORT mode (manual mode). They have programmed the gearbox differently to all the previous 5 speed Mitsubishi models, and it now utilises the lockup clutch much more effectively. 

So, why is the 6 speed so good? 


The 6 speed has been programmed with a similar philosophy as the 8 speed transmission of the Pajero Sport.  In SPORT mode, performance and responsiveness has taken priority over smoothness and refinement. 

So, in SPORT (manual) mode it: 

  • has sharper (faster) gear shifts for not only a sportier feel, but it is better for towing to reduce clutch pack wear 

  • holds lockup even under full power at low RPM  

  • will lock the torque converter in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th gears 

  • engages lockup as soon as it can (ie. at a much lower RPM)  

  • has better responsiveness and eliminates the ‘slushbox feel', and

  • gives the driver much more control


DRIVE mode is a different story.  It's slushy, unresponsive, and it can overheat the transmission.

As with all other vehicle models, it has been programmed for smoothness, but compromises economy, towing performance, heat management, and responsiveness. As a result it holds a higher gear way too long and the car feels sluggish and ‘doughy’. DRIVE mode also under-utilises the lockup clutch and often selects the wrong gear when towing, causing the dreaded transmission overheating. 

Hmmm..but you didn’t buy an auto to have to drive it in manual/SPORT! 

What started as just a few days to adapt the MQ Triton version of auto-mate, turned in to a 18+ month development program to optimise a product especially for the MR Triton.  

Introducing ...






Three new DRIVE modes to suit your driving even more features.

Like all our products, auto-mateSPORT uses advanced digital control and connects to your vehicle's ODB2 port to read important vehicle parameters (such as speed, RPM, current gear, lockup status, and load).  It doesn’t modify the ECU, and it uses genuine Mitsubishi connectors for transmission gear control.  Fully electronic, and all protections built into the factory transmission ECU remain in place.  


How does it work? 


In simple terms, when in the DRIVE position, auto-mateSPORT is actually placing the transmission into the ‘better’ SPORT mode (manual+ -) and is controlling the gear changes just as you would if you were in manual mode, but in a far more automated and intelligent way, and with extra features. 


Unlike our other lockup kit products, auto-mateSPORT does not override the lockup solenoid.  So torque converter lockup is controlled by the factory ECU which does not lockup in 2nd gear, or in low range 4WD (4LLc), or when engine braking.

auto-mate SPORT 2023.jpg

Plug'n'play Installation? 


auto-mateSPORT is entirely plug’n’play, so no cutting of any harness wires is needed. DIY installation is easy.


  1. Plug the auto-mateSPORT connector into the existing shift lever connector which is below the centre console shift lever.

  2. Route and install the OEM factory style switch into the dash.

  3. Route the LED/switch cable up the rubber door trim and clip it onto the A-pillar trim. 

  4. Plug into the OBD2 port.

That’s it! 

What about my 10/10 warranty? 


Because auto-mateSPORT is simply mimicking what the driver could be doing with the shift lever, it shouldn't compromise your Mitsubishi 10/10 Year Warranty.   

Why do I need auto-mateSPORT? 


auto-mateSPORT works with the existing transmission ECU to more intelligently select the right gear at the right time depending on your needs. This ensures the torque converter is locked as much as possible, and provides the new modes of operation for lower transmission temperatures and more responsiveness.  

auto-mateSPORT adds three new transmission modes that are optimised for different driving conditions.  You no longer need to accept any compromises.   

Mode 1:   NORMAL, for better responsiveness between 40-70kph

Mode 2:   TOW, to maximise lockup clutch use, keep transmission temperatures low, and save fuel 

Mode 3:   POWER, for power and responsiveness 

You can still place the shift lever in SPORT (manual + -)  for full control or engine braking.

Turn auto-mateSPORT off to return to standard factory DRIVE mode.

Furthermore, auto-mateSPORT has more fantastic features: 

  • Displays the lockup clutch status on the LED/Switch located on the A-pillar.  The blue LED is on when the transmission is locked and reassures the driver that the transmission is staying cooler.   

  • Mode selection using the LED/Switch on the A-pillar

  • Displays the current gear in the instrument cluster (instead of just D), so you know what the transmission is doing while you're driving.  NOTE: When stationary and in DRIVE mode, auto-mateSPORT will display a D in the instrument cluster until 2nd gear is next reached.  This acts as a reminder of DRIVE vs SPORT mode as you take off.  If the car doesn't change gears as you take off, the gear number will be 1,  which reminds you the shift lever is in SPORT/manual position and not DRIVE.

  • MAX 4TH - Lockout 5th and 6th gears to help stop gear hunting in undulating conditions, or to utilise only up to 4th gear when towing very heavy loads, or prevent 5th gear selection in <80kph zones. 

  • Allows the driver to individually tweak each of the 3 mode’s gear shift patterns up or down.  Bigger tyres? No problem, just increase the shift profile up a little to compensate.  Performance mode a little too racy for your liking? Drop the setting down a little. It's all under your control. 

  • Automatic dimming of the LED when headlights are on.  This can be over-riden if the headlights are on during daytime touring. 

  • Reset the Check Engine Light (CEL).  If you need to reset the engine fault light, auto-mateSPORT can do this for you.  Just double tap the LED/switch when the shift lever is in Park.  NOTE: Operation with auto-mate SPORT doesn't cause engine fault lights, but it will automatically disable when there is an engine fault code because the transmission or engine may be in LIMP mode which can modify its normal behaviour. ​​

Exciting new feature!

OBD2 Display Interface

Ultragauge in MR Triton.png

Your OBD2 reader (eg, UltraGaugeMX or Scangauge 2 or 3) can now not only display internal engine status, but also you can now also display auto-mateSPORT status

When auto-mateSPORT is switched on, your OBD2 reader can query our controller and display: 

  • the current mode (1, 2 or 3.  0=manual and -1=OFF) 

  • engine power demand %,  from either the accelerator pedal or cruise control. So you always know how hard the engine is working.   

  • lockup clutch status (OFF = 0, ON = 1) , which is the same as the LED status.

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This is THE essential mod for every Triton MR tradie or adventurer!

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