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The Challenger auto has given some amazing results with lockup-mate installed.  The test vehicle was a 2011 PB, owned by our good friend OJ.

  • During 1.8T towing tests up a long climb (South East Freeway in Adelaide) the transmission temperature increased a mere 4 degC to 81 decC, verses a 31 degC rise (to 108 degC) without lockup-mate.  After one run up the climb in standard DRIVE mode, the transmission entered LIMP/self protect mode.

  • lockup-mate avoided the LIMP/self protect issue (unique to the Challenger) after towing the 1.8T trailer up a very long climb.

  • On this same test with the 1.8T trailer, at full throttle in 3rd gear, with lockup-mate the vehicle achieved a top speed of 20 kph higher than using DRIVE alone. 85 kph verses 65 kph... WOW! That's how much energy/power is lost due the slippage of the torque converter.  Instead of generating heat, the power went to the road.

  • Expect fuel savings of 10% to 20% when driving in conditions that normally cause the torque converter clutch to engage / disengage frequently. On a 6km city test circuit driving at speeds up to 60kph, standard DRIVE mode used 12.3l/100km, whereas with lockup-mate it used just 9.6L/100km. DRIVE used 28% more fuel compared to using SPORT mode with lockup-mate.

  • Gives the driving feel of a clutch-less manual.  Direct responsiveness to acceleration without the ‘slush-box’ feel of the auto. Great when used in conjunction with the shift paddles.

  • lockup-mate automatically adjusts for High and Low range 4WD.  High range 4WD will lockup starting from 2nd gear.  In Low range 4WD it locks up from 1st gear at 1350 RPM, and unlocks at 1150 RPM

  • Under emergency braking at 60 kph, it unlocked the TCC well before the engine would stall.

  • Very easy installation. Just cut one wire and connect the lockup-mate harness to the ends, mount a resistor, plug into the OBD2 connector, and place the LED/switch on the A-pillar.

  • Tested for over several thousand kilometres in varied driving conditions.

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