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Tea Tree Gully, Adelaide, South Australia

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MM 4X4 is a family-owned company created from our passion for off-grid 4WDing, caravanning and camping.

We LOVE the open road and quiet places surrounded by nature and visited by few!

Our travels have given us many tens of thousands of kilometres of touring experience, and have taken us off the highway onto endless dirt roads and hard-core four-wheel drive only tracks that would make your toes curl.

We've done it all;  into remote areas, across the Simpson Desert,  Uluru, over the High Country, through the Flinders Ranges, and caravan touring throughout South Australia and Queensland, just to name a few.

So if you can relate, you know that you learn a lot when you travel a lot.

And as the driver you also learn to understand your vehicle so you can protect it.

We push our cars to their limits, sometimes without realising it!  When towing, sand driving or climbing the seemingly endless high country climbs, you learn to monitor your transmission temperatures and care for your brakes.  

Ensuring the right transmission gear is selected is critical, and it improves your fuel economy too. 

It started with us making products to improve our own vehicle. We wanted the best 4WD experience possible whilst protecting our 4WD investment (which as you and I know, quickly adds up!)

The rest is history.

Our Products

Each MM 4X4 product is either designed to solve a problem, or just make your driving experience better or safer. Carefully considered, and skilfully designed, developed and tested.

Since 2010 we've owned two Pajeros; so we've come to know these cars well.  

Now we've put our years of Pajero and touring experience and coupled it with expertise in Electronics Engineering to develop and share our own range of vehicle electronic products.

Every product is designed to solve a problem and make the 4WD experience better for the driver, and better for the vehicle.

But guess what? These products are not only applicable to a Pajero. The issues are often common to many other vehicles too, so we plan to extend the range to support many other makes and models.

Our Vision

Products that will enhance your four-wheel driving, towing and touring experience!

Our Mission

  • Design products that are easy and intuitive to use 

  • DIY installation - detailed instructions to save you money

  • Provide value for money, high quality products

  • Solve real problems 

  • Provide excellent sales service and support!

Our product range will be growing, so subscribe now and we'll keep you updated on our progress.

Happy and safe travels from the team at MM 4X4!

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