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Please read the following important information:
DHL Express is our preferred worldwide courier service.  Whilst their shipping prices may be slightly more expensive, our experience has been that DHL Express offers a highly reliable, door-to-door service with expedited customs processes and customer service.
Our quote to you will be based on the information received via the website quote form below. In some countries, DHL Express requires further tax information (CNPJ/CPF) and we will ask you to provide this once your order has been received (when this quote has been accepted and invoice paid).
We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for the product only, which also applies to incompatability issues. A refund of the purchase price is provided once the product has been returned to us at the customer's expense.
If you are happy to proceed, please complete all of the details in the form below to enable us to send you an accurate quote.
We currently have one product available for your LC200 or Prado 150
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