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The new ultimate automatic transmission enhancement kit!



In addition to the features of auto-mate, auto-matePRO has new features for smoother operation during daily driving and for higher powered engines.  

With new configuration parameters and two user defined memories, auto-matePRO easily switches into your preferred mode, and operate your way! 

Great for daily driving, re-tuned engines, 33" tyres, and the later NX 2017+ models, and the enthusiast!

With auto-matePRO, each memory can individually adjust:

  • Gear shift profile

  • Lockup sensitivity

  • Activation gear

  • Engine braking

  • Activation temperature

  • LED brightness

Whereas auto-mate was primarily designed for use only when towing, auto-matePRO is ideal for the driver who wants maximum control over the operation of their transmission and a choice depending on the driving conditions.

The two memory configurations could be for:

  • your Guardian Angel (temperature protection only, with factory ECU operation until hot)

  • towing (maximum temperature reduction and fuel economy)

  • daily driving around town (smooth and responsive)

  • low-range 4WD 

  • retune / chip On and OFF

  • or your own...the choice is yours!

With auto-matePRO you'll have:

  • Two memories which can be setup for different driving conditions or performance. Triple click the LED/Switch to switch between the memories while driving. The gear number will momentarily flicker 1 or 2 showing the memory in use.  When auto-matePRO is switched  off then on using the LED/Switch, the gear number flashes with the current memory selected.

  • Advanced ability to tune gear shift profiles and lockup sensitivity, which makes auto-matePRO better suited to heavy traffic driving, vehicles with larger tyres, or higher powered engines (retunes/chips). Due to the extra torque of higher power engines it can cause driveline vibration when under high load at lower RPMs (<2200) when the torque converter is locked. This can now be tuned out.

  • Improved smoothness. With more control over its operation, auto-matePRO performs smoother especially when in 60 and 80 kph zones which are right on 1500-1600 rpm lockup limit (for 4th and 5th gears). As the speed slowly drops below 60 (or 80), auto-matePRO can be configured to first unlock the torque converter before then changing down a gear if needed. This reduces the number of gear changes and is a smoother driving experience in city traffic.

  • In DRIVE, the activation gear setting can now be changed. When auto-matePRO is configured to activate only in 3rd or above, it uses a 'factory like' 2nd-3rd gear shift profile to remove the delay caused by waiting for the torque converter clutch lockup in 2nd gear.

  • Three engine braking settings when coasting in DRIVE (OFF, Medium, and Full). In Medium and Full the torque converter clutch remains locked when coasting for better engine braking. In Medium the gear will upshift whereas in Full the same gear will be held for maximum engine braking.  In SPORT mode it uses Full setting for best engine braking.  OFF performs like the factory ECU for ultimate smoothness

  • Guardian Angel mode. Memory 1 is setup by default as your Guardian Angel.  Want maximum factory ECU smoothness AND with protection? Triple-click the LED and select Memory 1.    automate-PRO keeps an eye on transmission temperature and only activates if the temperature is becoming high (80 deg C). Once activated it then uses the smoother 'City mode' configuration parameters and is hardly noticeable.  Once the temperature has reduced it deactivates  back to factory ECU operation.

  • Towing mode. Memory 2 is setup just like the original auto-mate, for maximum fuel savings and temperature reduction - the choice when towing and touring. Out of the box, Memory 2 is the default selection (to remember which memory does what, think two = tow).

  • City mode. Want automate-PRO active during your daily driving for the potential fuel savings and better responsiveness with improved smoothness? Just adjust Memory 1's activation temperature down to 40 deg C.  Want it even closer to factory ECU operation? - turn off the engine braking when coasting. 


  • Automatically adjusts for the NX (MY17+) rear diff ratio change, and the tune-ability features allow for smoother operation when city driving for these NX models.

"Smoother, more configurable, and two DRIVE modes"

auto-matePRO has the features of auto-mate, and more. It further enhances it with more configuration parameters for smoother operation in a wider variety of driving conditions.

You can switch between the two memory configurations while driving.

auto-matePRO has five modes of operation:​

  1. DRIVE - [Memory 1]
    By default, memory 1 uses the factory transmission control until the transmission becomes hot (80 deg C).  auto-matePRO then uses the smoother City mode  configuration parameters to reduce the temperature (maximum smoothness while keeping high temperatures at bay).

  2. DRIVE - [Memory 2]
    By default, memory 2 is setup for towing, and performs with the same parameters as the standard auto-mate (maximum temperature reduction and fuel economy).

  3. SPORT - With the transmission lever in Sport position, auto-matePRO behaves just like lockup-mate, and will lockup the TCC when the conditions allow with maximum engine braking selected.  The driver is in control of the gear choice.

  4. Low Range 4WD (4LLc).  Modified lockup algorithm in SPORT mode which is better suited for 4WD use.  The parameters of memory 1 or 2 are also used.  Low Range DRIVE returns to factory control. 

  5. OFF - Normal control of the transmission by the vehicle ECU is returned.


When in SPORT mode, it will also automatically protect your drivetrain if the gear choice is too high by:

  • disabling lock-up under conditions that would put excessive stress on the transmission and drivetrain​, and

  • re-lock it again when suitable.

  • applies the maximum engine braking setting automatically.

auto-matePRO uses advanced digital control and connects to your car's ODB2 port to read important vehicle parameters (such as speed, RPM, current gear, and pedal position), and uses genuine Mitsubishi connectors for transmission gear control. All protections built into the factory transmission ECU remain in place. 


Other features of auto-matePRO are:

  • SafeLock®, which avoids locking the torque converter clutch under high slip conditions for maximum clutch reliability.  Exclusive to MM 4X4 products.

  • 5th gear lockout. Makes 4th gear the top gear when in DRIVE mode to avoid repeated 4th-5th gear changes that can occur in hilly terrain.

  • Displays the current gear on the instrument cluster, even when in DRIVE mode

  • Slip Alert, which reminds the driver to down-shift a gear with a flashing LED when the torque converter unlocks in SPORT and DRIVE modes

  • LED pulsing during warmup can be disabled (to better suit the high temperature protection mode)

  • Does not modify the factory transmission ECU program

  • Fully electronic - no mechanical modifications to the transmission are necessary

Australian made and supported.

This is THE essential mod for every 4x4 adventurer

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