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2007-2021 V8 4.5L AUTO DIESEL & 4.7L (5 SPEED) PETROL


2009-2014 3.0L AUTO DIESEL


2015-2021 4.5L V8 AUTO DIESEL

If you have an OBD2 reader device, please read this information regarding OBD2 compatability which applies to the LC200 (2015+ only), Prado and Lexus 450D. 

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lockup-mate®PLUS+ is a torque converter clutch (TCC) lockup kit designed specifically for the Toyota automatic transmission.  lockup-mate®PLUS+ uses digital communication with the vehicle ECU, making it the most intelligent lockup kit available.

  • Better drivability, save fuel, protect the transmission from heat, and maximum engine braking

  • Fully automatic; just turn it on and drive! Locks up in DRIVE and SPORT modes from 2nd gear; and adapts for low range (4L) operation automatically. 

  • Separate lockup algorithms for DRIVE, SPORT and 4L modes, and fully adjustable for your own vehicle configuration or driving preference.

lockup-mate®PLUS+ is the only lockup kit available with SafeLock® Clutch Protection Technology which protects the TCC from excessive wear to give maximum life expectancy and reliability.  Using the information obtained via the digital interface with the vehicle ECUs, it prevents activating the clutch during high slip conditions and only engages when within the same low slip limits the factory ECU uses.  Plus, it uses the same PWM control signal and engagement profile as the factory ECU. 

lockup-mate®PLUS+ fully supports the flex-lockup mode of the transmission for maximum fuel savings.  Using advanced microcomputer control and digital CANBus communications with the vehicle's computers, it works in harmony with the factory computers for maximum smoothness. ECU code deletes are not necessary to avoid Check Engine Lights, and the ECU doesn't need to be removed to be reprogrammed.

lockup-mate®PLUS+ is not only for people who tow. The drivability and feel of the car is enhanced with more direct power and responsiveness. 

Without doubt, lockup-mate®PLUS+ is the most advanced and easy to use lockup kit available for your Toyota.

Want to learn more about the intelligent operation of lockup-mate®PLUS+?

MM4X4 lockup kits are the most advanced available. So advanced, yet so simple. Why settle for less?


Why Install a Torque Converter Lockup Kit? 

The benefits of locking the TCC in the transmission are widely known, especially when experiencing heavy load conditions such as towing (caravan, boat or horse float), climbing long steep-hills, or when driving in soft sand.

Learn about lockup kits, and lockup-mate®PLUS+ features.

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Advanced Digital Control

lockup-mate®PLUS+ uses a micro-computer to listen to your car's internal digital CANBus (via the OBD2 connector) to read important vehicle parameters and provide intelligent control.


Works In Harmony 

lockup-mate®PLUS+ works in harmony with the factory transmission Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to use the standard flex-lockup and full-lockup modes, and it will also take over full-lockup control when required. 

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Clutch Protection Technology

Exclusive to MM4X4 is SafeLock® which prevents excessive wear which may occur when the TCC is engaged under high slip conditions.  SafeLock® also will immediately unlock the TCC under emergency braking conditions to reduce possible impact damage to the driveline, and to ensure there is no interferance with the vehicle safety systems (eg, stability control and ABS).   



lockup-mate®PLUS+ comes with a comprehensive, step-by-step DIY installation manual with photos. Installation is simple with minimal removal of trim and an adjustable LED/Switch that easily mounts to the A-Pillar.



lockup-mate®PLUS+ comes with a comprehensive operating manual that lists all the features, how it works, and tips for use. 

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User Configuration & Diagnostics

lockup-mate®PLUS+ can be configured to suit your vehicle configuration or driving preferences.  



Why choose lockup-mate PLUS+?

10 reasons why you should choose lockup-mate®PLUS+!


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The bottom line ...

No other lockup kit available works like lockup-mate®PLUS+

For more details of how it works, read our blog article here.

Take the worry away from using a lockup kit and keep the protection normally provided by the transmission ECU, but with a better lockup algorithm!

Best of all, lockup-mate®PLUS+ is affordable and will soon pay for itself in fuel savings!