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Does your Triton or Challenger transmission go into LIMP mode?

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

If it has, you're not alone. Infuriated? Disappointed? Confused? Have your happy travels stopped right in their tracks? Sick of pulling over and waiting for the car to cool down?

Many customers have discussed the problems of LIMP mode with us and the feedback is that our products definitely solve the problem.

This is a well know and common issue with the 2009-2015 Triton MN and Challenger PB/PC models. Towing into a head wind, heading up a long incline or a mountain range, or driving in deep sand - these are all situations that work the transmission hard and may lead to LIMP mode.

What is LIMP mode and why does it happen?

LIMP mode is a self-protection mechanism. The transmission computer reduces engine power and limits the transmission to 3rd gear if it detects torque converter slippage for an extended period of time at high accelerator inputs. If the slip continues, the transmission is forced in 2nd and engine power is cut and the vehicle goes into LIMP mode!

LIMP mode occurs after sustain periods of high slip, or when the transmission oil temperature is ~120 deg C, but the over-temp warning light does not come on until 125 deg C. There’s no warning for the driver of the impending self protect mode, and it often happens at the worst time - such as towing up a long incline with nowhere to pull over and a B-double fast approaching in the mirrors!!

auto-mate or lockup-mate remove the source of heat buildup and will prevent LIMP mode by keeping the transmission cooler - plus saving fuel; another bonus.

With either auto-mate or lockup-mate installed it returns your peace of mind and confidence in your vehicle.

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