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lockup-mate is a torque converter clutch (TCC) lockup kit for your automatic transmission

lockup-mate is our entry level automated lockup kit. Where auto-mate works best in either DRIVE or SPORT mode of the transmission, lockup-mate works best in SPORT mode.

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$ 595




(International models may be sold as Pajero Sport and L200)

* Now available for transmissions both with and without SPORT shift

** Triton MN 4 speed owners only: If you have an OBD2 device, please read this important Information regarding OBD2 compatibility:

Why should you install a TCC lockup kit?

  • Significantly reduced transmission temperatures, especially when towing.

  • Significantly improved fuel efficiency - 10% (typical), up to 25% depending on the conditions.

  • Resolves the LIMP/self protect mode issue that affects the Challenger/Triton vehicles after prolonged towing uphill (PROBLEM SOLVED!). The Challenger/Triton has a LIMP mode which is a self-protection mechanism.  The transmission computer reduces engine power and limits it to 3rd  gear if it detects torque converter slippage for an extended period of time at high accelerator inputs. If the slip continues the transmission is locked in 2nd and engine power is cut! This LIMP mode occurs when the transmission oil temperature is ~120 deg C, but the warning light does not come on until 125 deg C.  There is no warning for the driver of the impending self protect mode.

  • Removes the 'slush-box' feel of the automatic transmission and transforms it into a clutch-less manual transmission.

The benefits of locking your TCC are well known when experiencing heavy load conditions such as towing (caravan, boat or horse float), climbing long steep-hills, or when driving in softer sand.

Transmission torque converter slippage not only results in excessive heat buildup, but also uses more fuel.

The Challenger has a high slip torque converter and eliminating the slip provides significant fuel savings of 10%-20%, or more.

When enabled by the driver, lockup-mate AUTOMATICALLY:

  • Activates the TCC lock-up when the conditions are right; but more importantly, then disables it under conditions that would put excessive stress on the transmission.

  • Then, re-locks it again when suitable

  • In SPORT mode it enables lockup from 30kph+ (when the right gear is chosen) and 80kph+ when in DRIVE mode.

  • Automatically adjusts for low or high range 4WD.

Other Features

  • SafeLock®, which avoids locking the torque converter clutch under high slip conditions for maximum reliability

  • Uses the same method to drive the A/T ECU's TCC solenoid. (ie, not just simple on/off PWM control)

  • Uses the OBD2 port, but still allows you to connect and use your favourite OBD2 device without interference (eg, a Scan Gauge, ELM327 bluetooth adaptor with Torque app, Ultra-gauge, head up display, etc)

  • Locks up from 2nd gear in High Range, and from 1st gear in Low Range.

  • LED indicator so you know when the lockup clutch is engaged, and the LED automatically dims when the headlights are on

  • Reminds the driver to down-select a gear with a flashing LED, when the torque converter unlocks in SPORT mode

  • Simpler DIY installation, with a detailed installation manual

  • AND, it means you don't need be an expert anymore to use a torque converter lockup!

Why is lockup-mate different to other lockup kits?

Forgetting to unlock the TCC can result in potentially damaging stresses in the drivetrain or stall the engine.
lockup-mate avoids this by connecting to you car's OBD2 port to read important vehicle parameters (such as throttle pedal position, speed, gear, 4WD mode, and RPM).  The micro-computer at the heart of lockup-mate uses an optimised algorithm to ensure the torque converter is only locked under the right conditions.
It works in harmony with the car's internal digital communications network (CAN Bus).

Safer, more reliable, more capable, and more accurate.

No other lockup kit available works like lockup-mate and auto-mate!


Take the worry away from using a TCC lockup kit and keep the protection normally provided by the transmission ECU, but with a better lockup algorithm!

Best of all, as our entry level capability it is affordable, and will soon pay for itself in fuel savings.

Want a DRIVE mode optimised for lockup and towing?

Consider auto-mate

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