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lockup-mate® is a torque converter clutch (TCC) lockup kit for your Mitsubishi automatic transmission

lockup-mate® is our entry level automated lockup kit. Where auto-mate works best in either DRIVE or SPORT mode of the transmission, lockup-mate® works best in SPORT mode


$ 595



​Why should you install a TCC lock-up kit?​​

  • Significantly reduced transmission temperatures, especially when towing

  • Improved fuel efficiency​

  • Improved TCC operation if you have larger than standard tyres​

  • Improved responsiveness

  • Maximum engine braking

The benefits of locking your TCC are well known when experiencing heavy load conditions such as towing (caravan, boat or horse float), climbing long steep-hills, or when driving in softer sand.​

​Transmission torque converter slippage not only results in excessive heat buildup, but also uses more fuel.​

When enabled by the driver, lockup-mate® AUTOMATICALLY: 

  • Activates the TCC lock-up when the conditions are right; but more importantly, then disables it under conditions that would put excessive stress on the transmission​

  • Then, re-locks it again when suitable 

  • In SPORT mode it enables lockup from 30kph+ (when the right gear is chosen) and 80kph+ when in DRIVE mode.

  • Automatically adjusts for low or high range 4WD

lockup-mate® Features

  • Adjustable sensitivity.  Tune it to your vehicle's unique configuration or your driving preference.

  • Choice of gear when lock-up will start [2nd-5th].  Default is 2nd gear.

  • In SPORT mode, it will lockup whenever the conditions are suitable (from 2nd gear).  In DRIVE mode, it will lockup above 80kph when the conditions are suitable. 

  • Mimics the ECU's complex PWM activation method (ie, not just simple on/off PWM control)  

  • Uses the OBD2 port, but still allows you to connect and use your favourite OBD2 device without interference (eg, a ScanGauge, ELM327 bluetooth adaptor with Torque App, UltraGauge, head up display, etc)

  • Slip Alert feature reminds the driver to down-select a gear with a flashing LED, when the torque converter unlocks in SPORT mode

  • AND, it means you don't need be an expert anymore to use a torque converter lock-up!

Why is lockup-mate® different to other lockup kits?​

  • It is the only TCC lockup kit available that avoids 'the quirk' of the Pajero NT+ Diesel and Triton MQ models. Learn more about the quirk

  • SafeLock®, which avoids locking the torque converter clutch under high slip conditions for maximum reliability

  • Emergency Brake Unlock, which immediately unlocks the torque converter under heavy braking to ensure there is no interference with the vehicles safety systems, such as stability control and ABS.

  • Forgetting to unlock the torque converter clutch can result in potentially damaging stresses in the drivetrain. lockup-mate® avoids this by connecting to you car's OBD2 port to read important vehicle parameters (such as pedal position, speed, gear, 4WD mode, and RPM).  The micro-computer at the heart of lockup-mate uses an optimised algorithm to ensure the torque converter is only locked under the right conditions.

  • It works in harmony with the car's internal digital communications network (CANBus) to read more information to optimise its operation.

  • Safer, more reliable, more capable, and more accurate.

  • Simpler DIY installation.


No other lockup kit available works like lockup-mate® and auto-mate!

​Take the worry away from using a torque converter lockup kit and return the protection normally provided by the transmission ECU, but with a better (and user adjustable) lockup algorithm!

​Best of all, lockup-mate is affordable and will soon pay for itself in fuel savings if you tow heavy loads.


Want a DRIVE mode optimised for lockup and towing?

Consider auto-mate or auto-matePRO.

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